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Face your work challenge or apply what you learnt in your training to your workplace with the support of a mentor. Take a new position with confidence. Create a Retail, E-commerce, or Omnichannel Strategy and deliver it. Foresee and manage the transformations of your company in a fast-paced market. Successfully adapt your Business model and your company organisation. Our mentors are active experts in the field of Retail, E-retails and E-commerce. They are up to date with the industry trends and changes. They are part of the E-commerce ecosystem and they bring the relevant tools, knowledge and knowhow. They will give you shortcuts to allow you to save time and increase your turnover. Support the changes you want to make. Come with a new skillset and make your action plan come to life. Individual or group approach, customised according to client needs.


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Our experts have the know how to support you at all levels within your organisation.

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Examples of the challenges we accompany our clients on

If you work on E-commerce or E-retail, you may have faced at least one of the following issues. We help you work them out successfully.

What are the shopper's profiles and behaviours online? What are their needs?

We help you set up relevant Shopper research on your category for better insight and provide ready to use support to get your clients on board.

How to set up my E-commerce strategy and choose the channel to prioritise on: Pure-Players, Market place, DTC, Drive?

We help you set your priorities and manage your channel while considering your own category and size up the opportunity for your company.

Which assortment to recommend on the E-commerce website?

Should you duplicate your assortment? Prioritise on your offline top 20? Recommend specific packaging for drive or home delivery?

Which e-merchandising strategy to put in place according to the shopper’s browsing. Which taxonomy and which keywords ? What key attributes?

Which taxonomy and which keywords to select? What key attributes to highlight?

What commercial activation to attract, develop traffic, engage and convert Shoppers? Do you choose to replicate the same store promotions online or create new ones?

Do you choose to replicate the same store promotions online or create new ones? How to set up your action plan? What is the role and responsibility distribution between Digital Marketing, E-commerce and Trade marketing

How to adapt your organisation to tackle the E-commerce challenges and get the management onboard?

We help you influence up to get management support in your initiative to reshape your organisation. We help you clarify job roles & mission and how they connect.

How to become the E-commerce partner to my clients?

Identify the value your client is looking for. Build your selling story.

How to set up an E-category Management approach?

What process to implement? How to organise the work flow with the E-commerce team and the Category Management team.

How to take on Goliath cleverly when you are a small player the market?

We help you catch up and establish yourself on the online market.

What are the right partners and tools to rely on to increase sales and monitor your E-commerce performance?

Ensure the digital partner you select is the best for you. Track the relevant KPIs for your company and client.

All our sessions can be conducted in English, French and Italian.

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