Strategic Collaboration

Equip your company with the right tools and provide the best support for your team

ACTINCO has developed different ways to insure and speed up Corporate changes. These ACTINCO initiatives are designed to increase your competencies and develop your knowhow in an accelerated way. They focus on current operational learnings and best practices for immediate implementation. Support the transformation of your company and give yourself the best chances of success by inspiring and working together on a strategic challenge. Get ahead with other leaders through our Masterminds and share best practices with non-competing peers. Ease the transformation of your company applying our Digital Days and tried and tested routine principles, allowing us to collaborate with you in the implementation of your strategy and bringing you lasting change. Get your top management onboard through the intervention of inspiring keynote speakers that are experts in their field.



Face your work challenge or apply what you learnt in your training to your workplace with the support of a mentor.


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Digital Days

Get your team on board with Digital Days. Set up a work routine, make them take ownership of your strategy, facilitate work groups.


Keynote speakers

Get your top management on board. Bring ACTINCO Keynote Speakers to inspire them and support your strategy.

All our sessions can be conducted in English, French and Italian.

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